Sensual fine art seems to describe these works best - they are meant to please your senses... to quicken your heart and set you to dreaming.  
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original painting PURPLE ROSE from the Fox Series woodcut GERANIUM BRONZE DETAIL from commissioned art nouveau style table COMMISSIONED art nouveau style bronze Water Lily Coffee Table Marci McDonald Sensual Fine Art
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Welcome!  This website exists as an ever-evolving catalog illustrating my work - and offering it for sale - but I very much want it to feel like something from me rather than about me.  I hope your visits here will feel sort of like looking into a mirror that reflects only what you want to see.

I hope you'll find art you can love... art meant for lovers of romance and sensuality and unabashed lovers of beauty.  Sensuous art for the quieter corners of your world... where what you see around you will revive your soul and leave you secretly smiling.  Sensual art that quickens your heart and sets you to dreaming.

  Thank you for your visit!
Marci McDonald
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